If you love lies your mind is not only going to take a hit for it, but so will your body.

Back in the day I hated Bill Gates for wasting so much of my time on his shit operating system.   I hated how his shit software made web development an even bigger pain in the ass due to a never ending list of special rules that would break your web site design that worked perfect on every other browser.  Even before I discovered how he was killing and sterilizing young girls with his killer vaccines, I thought he was a vile piece of shit.  Read this and understand why I feel that way still.

If you don't understand why you should avoid all forms of GMO food, here's an article that will get you started.  If you're looking forward to getting chemo and dying young then have at it.  I dropped the ball 2 days ago and ate some GMO shit snacks and paid for it with a stomach that felt like it was being twisted in knots thanks to my poor decision, until I dosed myself with some goodies to get it out of my system and restore my gut flora.  

It never fails.  If it's not someone hopped up on anti-depressants it's a freaking Muslim on another mass murder rampage.

This immediately wreaks of a false flag attack.  Our current government is so beyond evil it is astounding.  If this is the dude in the image he doesn't look freaking Mexican to me.  

I'm quite frankly dumbfounded each time I learn more about who and what Putin has been in the process of destroying.  The Rothchilds have been behind the scenes of every shit eating banker deal and scam since the 1900s. 

I would love to see a pro freedom version of Youtube come into existence.  Youtube it run by evil swine (google).  I watch this guys videos on occasion, I'm not subscribed.

Our traitor of a President prays to Mecca 5 times a day.  And you wonder why crap like this can happen?

Death, Chaos and Destruction.  It's what our very own government excels at.  Showing by default the result of our own complacence and lawlessness.  There is such a thing as evil.

As with all things form any form of our government these days.  Up is down, right is left, and good is evil.

If you're stupid enough to keep falling for this bullshit you not only deserve to be a slave, you will be one.

So you like getting played for Sukkas Black people?  You're being played yet again.  Wake the hell up once and for all.  White people don't give a shit what color your skin is.  The only onces youare a victim of are the assholes yanking your chain and it's been going on for far too long.  You can do better now do it.

With all the deadly games of the NWO I'm still not convinced that "Anonymous" isn't in on the game; however, I hope they are what they sell themselves as.  If they are they're doing what our very own government should have been doing since day one.

Welcome to the show that never ends people.  Live lawlessly, elect lawless politicians and give money to their masters and you too can experience the adrenaline rush that comes from dodging bullets and terrorist bombs on your way to work this Monday.

War is a huge money maker for shit eating NWO types.  Don't fall for it again.

People are easily duped.  I was even a little awed by this when I stumbled upon this video on YouTube.  That was until I took a couple minutes to research the video on the net and found this article about it.  What I found most disturbing were the comments I found on the YouTube video and even on this freaking article that explained it was done with Adobe After Effects.  Look at the comments on this article.  They are a perfect example of how easy people are fooled when they run on emotions and refuse to engage their brains.

This country dodged a bullet not getting this NWO demon.  

If there were ever a state that should be sucked into a hole in the ground it's California, in my opinion.  They make child prostitution legal this month and now they want the ability to take your kids if you refuse to poison them with vaccines.

Growing up I remember reading about one thing after another that was supposedly going to kill me.  Quite a few years ago I gave up on that bullshit and have gone by the rule of, "Is it real food?".  If so, with the exceptoin of pork now, I'll eat it.  

Obama likes to feed us shit telling us lies like "You didn't build that", all so you supposedly won't notice when the our very own government says, "We Can Steal That".  One of the reasons why our US Constitution has always been so unique is because it allows for you to actually own something.  Why do you think they want to rape the Hammonds of their very own land?

Progressives, aka, the unbelievably ignorant and stupid masses of the NWO are happy to show you get again.  If you disagree with their lies you can die.

Please take this to heart and for whatever it may or may not be worth harrass the hell out of your Sanators and Congressment to do this once and for all.

You thought he was a Christian, please watch this video and help make it viral.

When will the NWO trash ever get taken out?

Hearing this interview was oddly like some kind of truth porn when I was listening to Alex this week.

I also vaguly remember similar exercises going on around the Boston bombing too.  Funny how that always seems to happen, isn't it?

I will never again allow any supposed "doctor" inject me with anything and this is one of the many reasons why.

Imagine little to no governments, then you could imagine no wars.

The farther you do down the rabbit hole the more  you realize how bad pretty much all government is, as well as what it is usually used for; control, chaos, death and war.

Send this to anyone you know that love CNN or even Fox.

How's Obamacare working for you?  I really enjoyed paying the fine I had to pay for which I got NOTHING.  Maybe I could have bought new glasses or food with that money but I can't imagine the hell it must be if you have a family with a meager income. 

What, you don't believe the traitors that work in our government?  I'd say that is a good call on your part but take a look at this.

They've been happening a hell of a lot longer than you know and I'm sure we're due for more soon.  Compliments of your shit eating masters.

Good information.

Nothing is truly ever what is appears to be, unless you can pull your head out and read between

You shall know them by their fruit. 

Seriously?  You're questioning if that's really true?

Will the party never end?  How long until Mark Zuckerberg is make the next Secretary of State?

What?  Obama in bed with ISIS yet again?  Who could have known?

Treasonous, is the most appropriate word I can think of for the trash in our White House.

Our very own government is so beyond evil it dumbfounds me if it were not for knowing this just the short time that I have.

Look, another NWO POS comes out of the woodwork.  Please wake the hell up Germany and don't eat the shit sandwich this traitor is trying to feed you. 

I suppose it's better late than never.  But Obama and company have already released the contagion across the globe.

How do you know if the president of your country is a fucking terrorist?  You have to resort to saying things like Ted Cruz just did.